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We keep a variety of heat friendly layers in stock all year long! We only order pullets, so your chances of getting a rooster are very low. Custom orders are available. All of our baby chicks are treated for Mareks.


We sell teenagers! Save time, money, and worry by starting with older birds. 


Call for availability. 


Tucson Chicken Coops, Locally Made

Locally Made Coops

Keep your flock happy and safe with a good quality coop.


We carry feed for all stages: starter, layer, scratch, mealworms, specialty treats, organic options, and any supplements you may want. 


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Our staff is chicken crazy!

We love chickens and most of us raise them at home. We can help you from start to finish! Ask us all of your questions, we are happy to help you with your flock. 

What are pullets?

Pullets are female chicks less than a year old. When ordering there is a 10% chance of getting a male. 

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